Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Holidays 2010
Jenner was a good boy...
He got this awesome tractor..
We partied with all of our friends on New Years Eve..

We had a total of 6 family Christmas celebrations..
We pooped out after pumpkin pie..
We pooped out WHILE while eating pumpkin pie..
um hm...seriously

played dress up with Mimi...

built a fort with NunuMerry Christmas Morning
Christmas Caroling with the Cockerells (Chris's GIANT sized family) and Jenner was the star of the show!

Our day at the park..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Its February...I am posting pictures from November...Ugh- I just can't seem to keep up! These are pictures from Jenner's 2nd Birthday!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sweet Sweet Spider- Man!
This was Jenner's first real trick or treating experience! Last year- Chris and I pushed him around in the stroller while he tried to keep his eyes open. Well, he became a pro real fast!
House # 1- Johnathan and Jenner knock on the door and both immediately walk back down the steps- without candy...Neighbor Cathy answers the door- WITH CANDY- they yell trick or treat- recieve their candy- and WALLAH- pros!

Showing off their goods!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spider- Man to the rescue!!!
At a Halloween Carnival at church. Jenner was content listening to the JAM band...
Running up and down the stairs...

And Walking on the chairs... To heck with all the really big bounce houses, games, and face painting!

Jenner and I went to The Big Orange Pumpkin in Celina this week! We got to feed cows, goats and sheep!

His best Farmer Face!

Baby Brock and Lauren came too! ALL Baby Brock ever does is SMILE! He is the sweetest little baby!

This one is for you, Nandy!

Jenner is a HUGE Rangers fan! He even watches them on tv with us and yells Go Rangers! Very supportive little 2 year old! (almost)
Had to show off the back of his shirt too!
A couple of weeks ago Jenner went to Ft. Worth for the weekend and stayed with Nunu...They were busy all weekend...Pumpkin Patch..
Circus.....Getting major spoiled!
They even got to ride an elephant!
And Jenners favorite...riding horses!